The objective of this scheme is a compulsory insurance against financial consequences of old age for the entire population, on account of which the person who has been insured can receive an old-age pension on reaching the age of sixty.

Who is insured?
In general, you are insured when you are living in the Netherlands Antilles. The insurance applies to everyone, so not only to employees or employers, but also to self-employed persons, housewives, unemployed persons and students. In that case it does not matter what nationality you have and whether or not you have an income.
If you are living abroad, but you are working in the Netherlands Antilles, you will be insured if you are subject to income tax in the Netherlands Antilles.
Those persons who go to live or work abroad, are usually not insured during that period.

Applying for aov pension
At least 6 months before reaching the age of 60, you have to complete a form at the office window of the SVB. Staff members of the Pensions Department could help you complete the form.
The SVB needs time to determine the level of your pension. To that end the SVB has to verify in what periods you were insured for AOV. If you submit the application on time, the AOV pension can also be granted on time.
You must bring along your marriage booklet or, if you are not married, your identification card.

For married persons, of whom the one entitled to a pension is 60 years of age or older, but whose partner has not reached the pensionable age, the rule is that the partner will receive an allowance, insofar as the joint incomes does not exceed Naf. 12,000.00 annually. If the right to old-age pension has begun before January 1, 1996, the income will not be taken into account with respect to granting of the allowance.

The pension/allowance is adjusted to the development of the cost-of-living index, commencing on the first day of a calendar year.


If you have not been insured for one or more years, for example, because you were not living in the Netherlands Antilles, and were not working in the Netherlands Antilles either, a deduction will be applied to your AOV pension/allowance. A deduction will also be applied in the event you have not paid your premium due. If you wish to know how much will be deducted from your old-age pension/allowance in connection with not-insured years, you can obtain information on the matter at the Pensions Department of the SVB.
As the AOV did not take force until September 1, 1960, those persons who were already 15 years of age or older before this date cannot build up a full insurance. However, under certain conditions the lacking years will nevertheless be included as insured years if:

  • you have the Dutch nationality and
  • you are living in the Netherlands Antilles
  • you have lived for six years, whether or not uninterrupted
    in the Antilles after having reached the age of 54.

Commencing date
The old-age pension/allowance commences on the first day of the month following the one in which the party concerned complies with the conditions for the right to old-age pension.
If you have applied too late for your AOV pension/allowance, the SVB can grant the pension/allowance with retroactive force. But the pension/allowance cannot commence earlier than a year before it has been requested. In particular cases an exception can be made.

Cancellation or revision
Your old-age pension/allowance will be canceled or revised by the SVB when changes take place in your personal circumstances which influence your AOV pension.
The SVB carries out controls by means of random checks or periodic controls to verify if changes have been passed on correctly and on time. Any AOV pension/allowance that has been paid out wrongfully or too much will be re-claimed:

  • if you have submitted incorrect information or if changes have not been reported or not on time, or

  • if you could have known that the amount paid out was too high or paid out wrongfully.

Supplying incorrect information intentionally or not supplying information is punishable.

What you must report
You always have to report in writing the following changes in your personal circumstances to the SVB within 14 days.
* if your marriage has been dissolved by divorce
* if your spouse has died
* if your nationality or your spouse's nationality has changed
* if you are going to move
* if you are going abroad or are going to live in another country (you need not notify the SVB if you are going on short trips).

Going abroad
If you are going to live abroad after you have reached the age of 60, it will result in a deduction being applied to your AOV pension/allowance. So always inquire at the SVB what the consequences will be for the level of your AOV pension/allowance, if you are going to live outside the Netherlands Antilles.

Making your aov pension/allowance payable
The SVB pays your AOV pension/allowance monthly via the Bank. Inform the SVB on time if you want to change your pay-out address.
In the event the pension/allowance is paid out abroad, the related transfer charges will be deducted from your pension/allowance.

Christmas allowance
If in the month of September you are entitled to old-age pension, you are also entitled to a Christmas allowance. The Christmas allowance is 100% of the amount of the old-age pension, to which you were entitled in the month of September, and is paid out once a year in the month of December.

End of the pension
The old-age pension/allowance ends on account of decease of the person entitled to a pension/allowance or because of cancellation.
A lot of persons will not remember to inform the SVB as soon as possible after the death of, for example, their spouse or parent. It is, nevertheless, important to do so, as the AOV pension/extra allowance has to be stopped. If the surviving marriage partner is younger than 60, he or she can appeal to the "Algemene Weduwe en Wezenverzekering (AWW) Federal Ordinance" (Widows and Orphans' Insurance).

Payment at death
If a person entitled to a pension/allowance dies, the old-age pension/allowance will be paid up to and including the last day of the month in which the decease took place.

Lump sum benefit after death
If a person entitled to a pension/allowance dies, a lump sum, equal to four months of old-age pension, will be paid to the person(s) qualifying for that, in the opinion of the SVB, in accordance with the requirements of fairness. The application for this must have been submitted to the SVB within six months after the death of the person who was entitled to an old-age pension/allowance.

What you have to know additionally
AO number
When you have submitted your pension application to the SVB, the SVB will compile a file. In this file all important data are collected. Every person entitled to a pension possesses a file of his/her own with a registration number of his/her own (AO number). On all letters and the like that you receive from the SVB, your AO number is mentioned. Whenever you have any questions concerning your pension and you want to contact the SVB in writing or by phone, mention your AO number. The SVB can then answer your questions more rapidly. If you are contacting the SVB by phone, please note with whom and with which department you spoke. This is convenient in the case of subsequent conversations.

By virtue of the Federal Ordinance Administrative Jurisprudence you have the following possibilities if you are in disagreement with the SVB-decision.
You can submit a written protest to the Director of the Social Insurance Bank, Pater Euwensweg 9, Curaçao N.A. within six weeks after the date that this decision has been issued or remitted. In your letter of protest clear mention must be made of the reasons of your disagreement and also of the decision which according to you the Social Insurance Bank should take.
Be sure to date your letter and please state your identification number. Please put on the envelope "letter of protest" and be sure to sign your letter. Free of charge.

You can also file a written appeal with the Court Recorder of the within s island territory where you reside. This appeal must be submitted ix weeks after the date that this decision has been issued or remitted. In your appeal, that has to be submitted in duplicate, clear mention must be made of the reasons of your disagreement and also of the decision which according to you the Social Insurance Bank should take. As a matter of principle a court fee will be charged when submitting an appeal by the Court Recorder.

Any further questions
If you have any further questions on your AOV pension/allowance, you can apply to the SVB for more information. You can call the SVB, but you can also drop by if you prefer to do so.